Black Friday Special Enterosgel 225 gram tube

Black Friday Special Enterosgel 225 gram tube



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Enterosgel® organic micro pores GUT matrix.

Physically absorb diarrhea and food allergy toxins.

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Forget about nasty medicine- absorb your problem now!

The product DOES NOT contain Sugar, sweetener, lactose, gluten, fat, colour, flavour, preservative.

Engel® micro organic sponge is organic compound  micro silica matrix polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate with water . No medicated. No body affection. It simply absorb and remove toxins from gastrointestinal tract.

Suitable for babies, children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and all other adults.

Price for 1 tube.

Enterosgel is intended to be used as an adjuvant to standard rehydration therapy and in the management and reduction of stomach and intestinal illness symptoms.

Shelf life 3 years.